Evaluating Long-term Performance of Commercial Banks from Sustainable Competitive Advantage Perspective, Focusing on Role of Management Efficiency: Comparison of Iranian Private and Public Banks

دوره 7، شماره 24، فروردین 2022، صفحه 251-264
hamid sadjadi؛ mohsen hamidian؛ ali esmaeilzadeh؛ Ghodatolah talebniya


Identification and investigation of the relationships between the indicators influenced by the application of international financial reporting standards by Iranian banks in the resistance economy framework

دوره 8، شماره 30، شهریور 2023، صفحه 31-43
reza sedighi؛ Hashem Nikoomaram؛ HAMIDREZA KORDLOUIE؛ Ghodratolah talebniya


Reasons for the Gap between Declared and Assessed Taxable Incomes of Manufacturing Companies Listed on Tehran Stock Exchange

دوره 8، شماره 29، تیر 2023، صفحه 297-310
Hossien Yarahmadi؛ Masoud Taherinia؛ Ebrahim Givaki؛ Ghodatolah talebniya


Surveying the relationship between investment efficiency and financial constraints and corporate governance applying structural equations modeling

دوره 8، شماره 30، شهریور 2023، صفحه 275-288
zahra tahmooresi؛ rasool baradaran hasanzadeh؛ Ghodatolah talebniya؛ seyed nematallah mousavi؛ Hamidreza Vakilifard


The Effect of Recognizing Managers' Behavioral Biases on Company Life Cycle Patterns; Using the Gray Analytic Hierarchy Process

دوره 6، شماره 23، دی 2021، صفحه 129-150
afshin armin؛ hamidraza vakilifard؛ Ghodatolah talebniya؛ Ali Amiri


The Use of Fuzzy, Neural Network, and Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) to Rank Financial Information Transparency

دوره 5، شماره 18، آذر 2020، صفحه 103-119
Rouhollah javadi؛ Ghodatolah talebniya؛ Hossin panahian

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