Determination of Trace Amount of Zn2+ Ion in soil, blood and vegetable and water samples by Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry After Cloud Point Extraction Using Selective Synthesis Ligand2-(3- indolyl) – 4,5 di phynyl imidazole.

دوره 14، شماره 4، فروردین 2018، صفحه 379-399
gholamhossein vatankhah؛ hboube ebrahimi؛ darush jafari


Enhanced removal of Bismark Brown(BB) dye from aqueous solutions using activated carbon from raw Ziziphusspina-christi (ZSAC) Equilibrium, thermodynamic and kinetics

دوره 14، شماره 3، دی 2017، صفحه 237-249
gholamhossein vatankhah؛ hossein koohmareh


Enhanced Removal of Trihalomethanes(THMs) from Aqueous Solutions Using Activated Carbon from Walnut Wood(WC) on Equilibrium, Thermodynamic and Kinetics

دوره 15، Issue 1 (Spring and Summer 2018) 1 and 2، تیر 2018، صفحه 1-14
gholamhossein vatankhah؛ tuba Ershad


Sepration and determination trace amount of cadmium ions in real and water samples by cloud point extraction - flame atomic absorption spectrophotometry after preconcentration with non-ionic surfactant Triton-X114

دوره 14، شماره 4، فروردین 2018، صفحه 307-316
gholamhossein vatankhah؛ mahboube ebrahimi؛ darush jafari


Ultrasonic Assisted Adsorption of Crystal Violet (CV) Dye by CM-β-CD-Fe3O4NPs Synthesis: Experimental Design Methodology

دوره 18، شماره 2، شهریور 2021، صفحه 55-74
Ali Omaniziarati؛ Gholamhossein Vatankhah

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