Clustering with Intelligent Linexk-Means

صفحه 5-14
N Ahmadzadehgolia؛ M.H. Behzadi؛ A. Mohammadpour


Results on Generalization of Burch’s Inequality and the Depth of Rees Algebra and Associated Graded Rings of an Ideal with Respect to a Cohen-Macaulay Module

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M Tohidi؛ Amir Mafi؛ K Ahmadi


Presenting a Multi-Objective Mathematical Model for Time-Cost trade off Problem Considering Time Value of Money and Solve it by MOPSO Algorithm

صفحه 35-50
M.A Shafiiee؛ M.R Shahriyary؛ F hosseinzadeh lotfi؛ reza radfar


A New Method for Solving the Fully Interval Bilevel Linear Programming Problem with Equal Constraints

صفحه 51-60
seyyedeh farkhondeh tayebnasab؛ farhad hamidi؛ mehdi allahdadi


Efficient location by using data envelopment analysis

صفحه 61-70
M. Mirbloky؛ M. Jolaei


Developing a Mixed Integer Quadratic Programing Model with Integer Numbers for Designing a Dynamic closed-loop Logistics Network

صفحه 71-86
Ehsan Yadegari؛ Akbar Alem-Tabriz؛ Mostafa Zandieh؛ Behrouz Dorri


A Parametric Approach to Solving the Fuzzy Multi-Objective Linear Fractional Programming Problem

صفحه 87-102
H. Naseri؛ K. Khazaei kohpar


The study of relation between existence of admissible vectors and amenability and compactness of a locally compact group

صفحه 103-112
J Saadatmandan؛ A Bagheri Sales


Ideal of Lattice homomorphisms corresponding to the products of two arbitrary lattices and the lattice [2]

صفحه 113-124
Leila Sharifan؛ Ghazaleh Malekbala


Designing a decision support system to predict the success of research centers with discriminatory analysis DEA

صفحه 125-136
T. Alahveranlo؛ M . Vaez ghasemi؛ M . Tahery


dominating subset and representation graph on topological spaces

صفحه 137-148
Hasan Barzegar


Solving infinite system of nonlinear integral equations by using ‎F-‎generalized Meir-Keeler condensing operators, measure of noncompactness and modified homotopy perturbation.

صفحه 150-160
mohsen rabbani؛ Reza Arab

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب