A matrix method for estimating linear regression coefficients based on fuzzy numbers

صفحه 5-16
S. Ezadi؛ T. allahviranllo


New Criteria for Existence of a Class of Generalized Euler-types Constants

صفحه 17-24
M. H. EGHTESADI FARD؛ Mohammad Hadi Hooshmand


The Most Productive Scale Compared to Demand Fulfillment (Case Study: Insurance Companies)

صفحه 25-36
M. Ahadzadeh namin؛ E. Khamseh


A New multi attribute Decision making Reliability Centered Maintenance in Power Transmission Systems

صفحه 37-54
M. Asghari Gharakheili؛ M. Fotuhi-Firuzabad


The Calculation of the output price vectorby applying reverse linear programming: The novel approach in DEA

صفحه 55-68
S. Sadri؛ M. Rostamy-Malkhalifeh


On trivial ends of Cayley graph of groups

صفحه 69-78
H. Mirebrahimi؛ A. Babaee


A conjugate gradient based method for Decision Neural Network training

صفحه 79-92
M. Nadershahi؛ A. D. Safi Samghabadi؛ R. Tavakkoli-Moghaddam


new analytical method based on Riccati equation for finding Soliton solutions of Nonlinear Lakshmanan-Porsezian-Daniel (LPD) equation

صفحه 93-100
A. Nirmeh


Finding the polar decomposition of a matrix by an efficient iterative method

صفحه 101-110
F. Kiyoumarsi


Stability Analysis of a Fractional Order Model of HIV virus and AIDS Infection in the Community

صفحه 111-120
M. S. Shahrokhi Dehkordi؛ Y. Ahmadi


Numerical solution of the Sturm-Liouville problem by using Chebyshev cardinal functions

صفحه 121-128
M. Shahriari؛ B. Nemati Saray؛ F. Pashaie


Parametric Characteristics of the Interaction of Technologies and the Criterion Role of Technology spillover

صفحه 129-136
H. Roohian


Einstein structures on four-dimensional nutral Lie groups

صفحه 137-144
A. Haji-Badali؛ A. H. Zaeim؛ R. Karami


A Ciric-type common fixed point theorem in complete b-metric spaces

صفحه 145-156
M. Avar؛ Kh. Jahedi؛ M. J. Medipour

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