Financial Reporting Fraud Detection: An Analysis of Data Mining Algorithms

صفحه 1-12
Mahmood Mohammadi؛ Shohreh Yazdani؛ Mohammad hamed Khanmohammadi؛ Keyhan Maham


Forecasting Crash risk using Business Strategy, Equity Overvaluation and Conditional Skewness in Stock Price

صفحه 13-25
zahra Razmian؛ Mirfeiz Fallah Shams؛ Mohammad Khodaei Valahzaghard؛ Mohamad Hasani


Exploratory Evidence on Accounting System, Annual Report Review and New Public Management

صفحه 27-37
Anup Chowdhury؛ Nikhil Chandra Shil


Information Technology for Project Cost Management (Case study: Soufian Cement Co, Iran)

صفحه 39-49
Somayeh Poorhassan


Rating the Actual Customers of Banks based on Credit Risk using Multiple Criteria Decision Making and Artificial Intelligence Hyperbolic Regression

صفحه 51-63
Reza Ehtesham Rasi؛ Meysam Karamipour؛ Morteza Arad


Metacognition and Decision Making in Management Accounting Students

صفحه 65-74
Marziyeh Shariati؛ Ghodratallah Talebnia؛ RamezanAli Royaee


Evaluating the Role of Company Life Cycle for an Appropriate Model in Predicting the Quality of Discretionary Accruals (Abnormal) Based on Dickinson Cash Flow Model Approach

صفحه 75-91
Mehdi Mardani؛ Naghi Fazeli؛ Khosro Faghani Makrani


Impact of Direct and Indirect Oil Shocks on Iran's Energy-intensive industries stock returns (Appling Simultaneous Equation System on Panel Data)

صفحه 93-104
Mohammad Rezaei؛ Mohammad Amin Kouhbor؛ Hamid Reza Kordlouie


Identifying and categorizing of effective factors on individual investors behavior in Tehran’s stock market (Behavioral finance perspective)

صفحه 105-117
Keyvan Dadras؛ Abbas Toloie؛ Reza Radfar


Activity-Based Management and Banking Health Assessment System

صفحه 119-136
Amir Soodbakhsh؛ Azita Jahanshad

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