A Comparative Study of Development Plans in Iran and South Korea during Last Four Decades with Emphasis on Economic and Political Development

صفحه 1-14
Reza Ghaderi؛ Alireza Mohseni Tabrizi؛ Mohammad Hossain Pouriani


Reassessment of Underlying Factors of Juvenile Delinquency in the Purview of COVID-19: A Case Study

صفحه 15-21
Amit Kumar Chakrabarty


The Role of Multicultural Education in Constructing a Democratic-pluralistic Society in Iran

صفحه 23-32
Rashid Ahmadrash


Providing a Cultural Model to Understand the Process of Attracting TV Audiences

صفحه 33-51
Abdolreza Amir Ahmadi؛ Mohsen Ameri Shahrabi؛ Rozita Sepernia؛ Abbas Ali Ghaiyoomi


The Effectiveness of Child-centered Play Therapy on the Moral Intelligence and Bullying of Elementary Students

صفحه 53-61
Hamid Reza Vatan Khah؛ Amirhoushang Yamkangaz؛ Mona Yamkangaz


Examining the Role of Social Networks in Promoting Urban Culture (Case of Study: Citizens of Karaj)

صفحه 63-76
Mohammad Amiri؛ Seyed Vahid Vahid Aqili؛ Nasim Majidi Gohroudi


Typology of Obese Patients’ Attitude to Life and Their Decision-Making Process for Bariatric Surgery

صفحه 77-84
Tayyebeh Mirzaahmadi؛ Tahmoures Shiri؛ Abbas Ebadi؛ Bahram Gadimi؛ RezaAli Mohseni


The Developments of the Electronic Banking (E-banking) Industry, A Step towards Achieving Sustainable Development

صفحه 85-95
Mohammad Zaman Mohammadi Raisi؛ Soroush Fathi؛ Habibollah Karimian


Study of the Situation of Women Heads of Households in Natural Disasters:(Kermanshah 2017 Earthquake)

صفحه 97-106
Shayesteh Karamkhani؛ Alieh Shekarbeygi؛ Ehsan Rahmani Khalili


A Descriptive Study on the Political Participation of the Youth in Tabriz in 2017

صفحه 107-119
Hushang Najafi؛ Mehrdad Navabakhsh؛ Bahram Ghadimi

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب