Providing a model based on auxiliary variables for calculating the efficiency and effectiveness of metro stations in Tehran in the analysis of data coverage with inputs and outputs

صفحه 5-16
Ali mohammad Gholiha؛ Farhad Hosseinzadeh Lotfi؛ Mohammadreza Shahriari؛ Mohsen Vaez-Ghasemi


A Algorithm Pseudo Code for Approximating of Maximal Independent Set in the Unit Disc Graph

صفحه 17-26
Gholam Hassan Shirdel؛ Mojtaba Ghanbari؛ Mehdi Jalinousi


Analytical solutions of differential equations based on genetic meta-heuristic algorithm and ant colony optimization

صفحه 27-40
Nasser Mikaeilvand؛ Akram Javadi؛ Hassan Hosseinzadeh


Local Fractional Variational Yang-Laplace Method for solving local fractional partial differential Equations

صفحه 41-52
homa afraz؛ Jafar Saberi nadjafi


Graphs with few positive eigenvalues

صفحه 53-60
ءMohammad reza Aboudi


Sharp bounds of the norm of pre-Schwarzian of some certain starlike functions

صفحه 61-68
Hesam Mahzoon


Multiplicity Results for a Second-Order Boundary-Value Problems With Variable Expnents

صفحه 69-78
ghasem Alizadeh Afroozi؛ Mostafa Negravi؛ Mehdi Azhini


Exact and approximate solutions for a generalized form of the Schrödinger nonlinear equation

صفحه 79-92
Behzad Ghanbari


Canonical module of Cohen-Macaulay affine semigroup

صفحه 93-98
Raheleh Jafari


Some fixed point theorems in C^* -algebra valued b -metric spaces

صفحه 99-106
zahra ghorbani؛ javad baradaran


Orthogonal sets: Coincidence and fixed point theorems in incomplete metric spaces

صفحه 107-118
Hamid Baghani؛ Maryam Ramezani؛ Hamid Khodaei


Existence of triple best proximity point for a 3-cyclic summing Meir-Keeler contraction

صفحه 119-126
Akram Safari-Hafshejani


A new symmetric two-step P-stable Obrechkoff method with 12 algebraic order for the numerical solution of second-order IVPs

صفحه 127-140
ali shokri؛ abbas-ali shokri؛ Mohammad Mehdizadeh Khalsarei؛ firoz pashaie


Measuring the cost efficiency in NDEA

صفحه 141-154
Shahruz Fathi Ajirlu؛ Alireza Amirteimoori؛ Sohrab Kordrostami

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