Study of Metals Concentrations in Surface Sediments of the Persian Gulf Coastal Area (Bushehr Province)

صفحه 75-80
A. Biati؛ H. Nikoomaram؛ A. R. Karbassi


Metal bioaccumulation in Persian sturgeon after sublethal exposure

صفحه 81-90
F. Shariati؛ A. Esmaili Sari؛ A. Mashinchian Moradi؛ M. Pourkazemi


A comparative study of sloshing in liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers according the classification codes

صفحه 91-100
F. Azarsina؛ R. Panahi


The study of seaweeds biomass from intertidal rocky shores of Qeshm Island, Persian Gulf

صفحه 101-106
S. M. R. Fatemi؛ P. Ghavam Mostafavi؛ F. Rafiee؛ M. Saeed Taheri


Estimation of salinity, heat and buoyancy budgets of the inflow coastal current into the Persian Gulf from the Strait of Hormuz

صفحه 107-114
L. S. Madani؛ A. A. Bidokhti؛ M. Ezam


Diversity and distribution of True Crabs (Brachyura) from intertidal rocky shores of Qeshm Island, Persian Gulf

صفحه 115-120
S. M. R. Fatemi؛ Gh. Vossughi؛ P. Ghavam Mostafavi؛ F. Bahri


Optimizing Voyage Plan in way of Persian Gulf and Red Sea Using Meteorology and Oceanography Satellite Data

صفحه 121-128
A. Mohseni Arasteh؛ K. Lari؛ S. S. Shariati


Fish Bile as Biomarker of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon Pollution in the Khure Mussa – Persian Gulf

صفحه 129-134
A. Mashinchian Moradi؛ Sh. Zirehpour؛ M. B. Bahadori؛ Gh. Vossughi؛ M. B. Nabavi

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