Approximate Solution of the Stochastic Nonlinear Oscillator‎

صفحه 91-99
T. Damercheli


Applying MCDEA Models to Rank Decision Making Units with Stochastic ‎Data

صفحه 101-111
A. Ghofran؛ M. Sanei؛ G. Tohidi؛ H. Bevrani


Weighted Differentiation Composition Operators from Weighted Bergman Spaces with Admissible Weights to Bloch-type Spaces

صفحه 113-121
Sh. Rezaei


Solving the First-Order Linear Matrix Differential Equations Using Bernstein Matrix Approach

صفحه 123-133
Z. Lorkojouri؛ N. Mikaeilvand؛ E. Babolian


A New Practical Common Weights Approach to Rank Decision-Making Units in Data Envelopment ‎Analysis‎

صفحه 135-144
M. J. Rezaeiani؛ A. Foroughi


Due Date Assignment and JIT Scheduling Problem in Blocking Hybrid Flow Shop Robotic Cells with Multiple Robots and Batch Delivery Cost‎

صفحه 145-162
J. Rezaeian؛ N. Derakhshan؛ I. Mahdavi؛ R. Alizadeh Foroutan


Opinion Leader’s Selection with Grey Wolf Optimizer Algorithm on Social Networks

صفحه 163-174
S. Mohammad Aghdam؛ F. Soleimanian Gharehchopogh؛ M. Masdari


$*$-Fusion ‎F‎rames in Hilbert Modules Over Locally $C^*$-Algebras

صفحه 175-180
T. Lal Shateri


Developing a Model for Sustainability Assessment in LARG Supply Chains using System ‎Dynamics‎‎‎

صفحه 181-198
M. Izadyar؛ A. Toloie Eshlaghy؛ A. R. Agha gholizadeh sayar؛ Z. Mehri

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