Leap Zagreb ‎I‎ndices of Some Graph Operations‎

صفحه 199-209
N. Dehgardi؛ R. Khoeilar‎؛ M. Soroudi


Modeling a Concentration Pattern on Critical Paths in Control of Project Delays

صفحه 211-219
V. Rooholelm؛ A. Sheikh Aboumasoudi


A Numerical Algorithm for Solving Impulsive Fuzzy Initial Value Problem Based on Fuzzy Methods

صفحه 221-237
M. Dirbaz؛ S. Abbasbandy


Uncertain BCC Data Envelopment Analysis Model with Belief Degree: A case study in Iranian Banks

صفحه 239-249
M. Jamshidi؛ M. Sanei؛ A. Mahmoodirad؛ G. Tohidi؛ F. Hosseinzade Lotfi


The Generalized Returns to Scale for Multiplicative Models in Data Envelopment Analysis

صفحه 251-260
A. Davoodi؛ M. Zarepisheh؛ R. Fallah Nejad


T‎‎‎‎he Impact of Geometric Proportions on Daylight Performance and the Proportions Derived From Nature in Traditional Houses (Case study:Ardabil’s ‎Houses)

صفحه 261-277
M. Javadi nodeh؛ A. Shahcheraghi؛ AR. Andalib


An Interval Model in Interdiction Network Flow

صفحه 279-285
R. Keshavarzi؛ H. Salehi ‎Fathabadi‎


Hybrid Genetic for the Single-Source Capacitated Multi-Facility Weber Problem

صفحه 286-299
S Jahadi؛ M. Solimanpur


Solving ‎F‎ully Interval Linear Programming Problems Using Ranking Interval Numbers‎

صفحه 301-312
A. Hosseinzadeh؛ M. Vaez-Ghasemi


Efficient ‎M‎edian and Center Problems: a Bi-Objective Mixed Integer Programming Approach

صفحه 313-321
T. Sayyar؛ J. Fathali؛ M. Ghiyasi


Numerical ‎S‎olution of a SIR Fractional Model of the Distribution of Computer Viruses Using Dickson Polynomials

صفحه 323-331
D. Shirani؛ M. Tavassoli ‎Kajani‎؛ S. Salahshour


Some Improvments of The Cordero-Torregrosa Method for The Solution of Nonlinear Equations

صفحه 333-341
M. Mohamadizade؛ T. Lotfi؛ M. Amirfakhriyan


Multiplication-Like ‎Modules‎

صفحه 343-352
M. Ahmadi؛ J. Moghaderi


Effect of ‎C‎ross-Section on the Mixing of Liquid Species in Helix Micromixers, A Numerical Approach‎

صفحه 353-360
T. Dehgani؛ R. Pirkhoshghiafe؛ P. Balazadeh؛ F. Sadegh Moghanlou

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