Routing Optimization in Vehicular Social Networks Using Firefly Algorithm

صفحه 361-369
M. Zandi؛ M. Jahanshahi؛ AR Hedayati


Using New Operational Matrix for Solving Nonlinear Fractional Integral Equations

صفحه 371-384
F. Saleki؛ R. ٍٍEzzati


Fuzzy Assessment of Heavy Metal Pollution

صفحه 385-394
Gh. Hesamian؛ M. G. Akbari؛ M. Shams


A New Hybrid Methodology Based on Data Envelopment Analysis and Neural Network for Optimization of Performance Evaluation

صفحه 395-409
A. Namakin؛ S. E. Najafi؛ M. Fallah؛ M. Javadi


Analysis of the Parameter-Dependent Multiplicity of Steady-State Profiles of a Strongly Nonlinear Mathematical Model Arising From the Chemical Reactor Theory

صفحه 411-418
M. S. Barikbin؛ M. Emamjome؛ M. Nabati


Exact Closed-Form Result for the Heat Transfer From Convecting-Radiating Fin of Rectangular Shape

صفحه 419-426
E. Shivanian؛ F. Sohrabi


Non-Convex Cost and Revenue Efficiency Analysis in Two-Stage Networks and Its Application to Iranian Airlines

صفحه 427-439
J. Gerami؛ M. R. Mozaffari؛ P. Kamyab


A ّFast Numerical Method Based on Hybrid Taylor and Block-Pulse Functions for Solving Delay Differential Equations

صفحه 441-450
M. Eblaghi؛ A. R. Vahidi؛ E. Babolian


Numerical Solution of Second-Order Hybrid Fuzzy Differential Equations by Generalized Differentiability

صفحه 451-464
N. Shahryari؛ S. Abbasbandy


Computing Some Topological Indices of the Molecular Graphs of Benzyl Ether with $C_{60}H$ Core and Benzyl Ether with Porphyrin Core

صفحه 465-475
B. Solaymani؛ SH. Heidarian؛ F. Khaksar Haghani


Zero-forcing Finite Automata

صفحه 477-488
M. Shamsizadeh؛ M. M. Zahedi؛ M. Golmohamadian؛ KH. Abolpour


A ‎M‎athematical Optimization Model for Integrating the Problems of Discrete Time-Cost Tradeoff (DTCTP) and Multi-Mode Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling (‎MRCPSP)‎

صفحه 489-505
M. A. Shafiee؛ F. Hosseinzadeh ‎Lotfi‎؛ M. R. Shahriari؛ R. ‎Radfar‎

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