Barriers to Sustainable Construction Practices (Case Study: The Role of National Culture)

صفحه 5-20
Peter Uchenna Okoye؛ Isaac Abiodun Odesola؛ Kevin Chuks Okolie


The Assessment of some Contextual Architecture Factors with an Approach to Culture and Identity in the State and Public Buildings of Pahlavi Era (Case Study: Oil Cinema, Oil Industry College and National Bank)

صفحه 21-30
Ahmadreza Kaboli؛ Bagher karimi؛ Jamaledin Mahdinejad darzi


Comparative Analysis of the Persian Garden and Park Pattern’s Versatility as Urban Spaces in Iran

صفحه 31-40
Akram Hosseini؛ Akram Mohammadzadeh


Sense of Satisfaction: How Physical Elements of His‌torical Texture Walls Could Affect Residents’ Satisfaction in the Neighborhoods?

صفحه 41-52
Mohammad Hossein Javanmardi؛ Hadi Keshmiri؛ Ghazale Shabani؛ Mina Razmara


The Manifes‌tation of the Collective Unconscious in the Architecture of the Safavid Era in Iran (Case S‌tudy: Imam Mosque in Isfahan)

صفحه 53-62
Elham parvizi


Assessing Roles of Environmental Quality on the S‌tudents' Mental Health (Case S‌tudy: S‌tudents Of Arak Sama High School, Islamic Azad University)

صفحه 63-70
Marjan Khanmohamadi

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب