Dual Frontiers in Non-convex Data Envelopment Analysis: Efficiency and In-efficiency Assessment and Stability Analysis

صفحه 5-30
Nasim Nasrabadi؛ Sheyda Ayati


Quasi-Analytical Solution of the Painleve Fuzzy Differential Equation

صفحه 31-42
Mohammad Adabi tabar؛ Ali Hosseinzadeh؛ Bahram Agheli؛ Samaneh mohamadzadeh far


On the non abelian tensor product of a group and its central automorphisms

صفحه 43-48
Monireh Seifi؛ S. Hadi Jafari


On the stability of unbounded differential equations in fuzzy k-normed spaces via fixed point method

صفحه 49-58
M. Madadi؛ Reza Saadati


Optical solitons and other solutions of the (2+1)-dimensional Kundu-Mukherjee-Naskar equation

صفحه 59-68
Kamyar Hosseini؛ Mashallah Matinfar؛ Mohammad Mirzazadeh


Mittag-Leffler-Hyers-Ulam Stability For A First Order Delay Functional Differential Equation

صفحه 69-76
leyla Sajedi؛ Nasrin Eghbali


Approximate Answer to MP-MILP Problems Using McCormic Release of Modified Components

صفحه 77-94
Maryam Mahmoudi؛ aghileh heydari؛ Ali Karimpour


Modified ε-constraint method for bi-objective optimization: Reduce computational complexity and increase efficiency

صفحه 95-108
Armin Ghane Kanafi


Bi-objective mathematical modeling for a green last-mile transportation network with an automated parcel locker

صفحه 109-132
Amir-Hossein Zahedi-Anaraki؛ Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam؛ Ramin Sadeghian


some results on the forgotten index

صفحه 133-140
Farzaneh Falahati Nejad


on the nse of some particular groups

صفحه 141-152
Bahareh Asadian؛ Neda Ahanjideh


Numerical solution of the SIR epidemic model using the non-standard finite difference method

صفحه 153-164
Abdulrahman Yaghoubi؛ Hashem Saberi Najafi


Evaluating Forecasting ability of Stock Price by Grey Models, Static and Dynamic Neural Networks (Case Study: Insurance Companies of Tehran Stock Exchange)

صفحه 165-178
Hanif Heidari؛ Seyed Rohollah Ahmadi Haji Abadi؛ Mahboubeh Faghih Mohammadi Jalali


A new approach to apply the essential boundary conditions in element free Galerkin method for elliptic partial differential equations

صفحه 179-192
Ali Mesforush؛ Komeil Izadpanah


Evaluate the efficiency of decision making units with classical model and goal programming data envelopment analysis and output correlation with statistical methods in Ghavamin Bank.

صفحه 193-204
golamreza Panahandeh khojin؛ Abbass Toloie Eshlaghy؛ Mohammad Ali Afshar Kazemi

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