Biological Activity and Lipophilicity Study of Several Doxazolidine as Cancer Cells Inhibitor

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maria nikkar؛ robabeh sayyadikordabadi؛ asghar Alizadehdakhel؛ Ghasem Ghasemi


investigate of the structure and dynamics at the water- nickel nanosheet interface and Comparative by bulk water, with using reactive force fields

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karim zare؛ marziyeh samimi؛ majid monajemi


Determination of Excited State Electric Dipole Moments and Polarizabilities of positional Isomeric Nitroaniline using Modified Abe Solvatochromic Model and Quantum Chemical Calculations

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Quantitative structure–property relationship models to Predict some thermodynamic properties of Imidazole Derivatives using molecular descriptor and genetic algorithm-multiple linear regressions

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shiva Moshayedi؛ fatemeh shafiei؛ Tahereh Momeni Isfahani


Effects of Laser Process Parameters on Geometrical Characteristics of Aluminized Inconel738 superalloy by laser cladding

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bita mottaghi golshan؛ mohammad mehdi Hadavi؛ monireh ganjali


Ultrasonic Assisted Adsorption of Crystal Violet (CV) Dye by CM-β-CD-Fe3O4NPs Synthesis: Experimental Design Methodology

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Ali Omaniziarati؛ Gholamhossein Vatankhah


Application of Monte Carlo Method and a novel modelling-optimization approach on QSAR Study of Etoposide drugs

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Asghar Alizadehdakhel؛ robabeh sayyadikordabadi؛ Ghasem Ghasemi؛ Babak Motahary

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