Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Parameters of Extended Burr XII Distribution and Bias Correction Based on K-Records

صفحه 1-13
M. Rajaei Salmasi


Congestion-Based Benchmarking and Accessing Sustainability in Network DEA, Case study: Nine Iranian ‎T‎omato Paste Supply Chains‎

صفحه 15-28
E. Mollaeian؛ Farhad Hosseinzade Lotfi؛ A. Toloie-Eshlaghy؛ M. Rostamy Malkhalifeh؛ M. A. Afshar Kazemi


Maximizing total efficiency by resource reallocation in DEA: A case study on Tehran Stock Exchange

صفحه 29-41
E. Noroozi؛ E. Sarfi


A New Decomposition of Cost Efficiency based on the Price and Cost based Production Possibility Sets in non-competitive space in DEA

صفحه 43-56
R. Fallahnejad؛ E. Rezaei hezaveh


A Bi-objective Capacitated Single-Allocation Hub Location Problem with Reliability Assumption on Paths

صفحه 59-80
F. Moeen Moghadas؛ F. Fuladi


A Method for Numerical Solution of Third-Kind Volterra Integral Equations Using Krall-Laguerre Polynomials

صفحه 81-89
P. Jami؛ E. Hashemizadeh


On the Independence of Jeffreys’ Prior for Truncated-Exponential Skew-Symmetric Models

صفحه 91-103
S. Mirzadeh؛ A. Iranmanesh؛ E. Ormoz


Solving ‎S‎econd-Order Fuzzy Cauchy-Euler Initial Value Problems Under Generalized ‎Differentiability

صفحه 105-117
M. Chehlabi


An Approximate Method for Solving Space-Time Fractional Advection-Dispersion Equation

صفحه 119-128
E. Babolian؛ M. Adabitabar Firozja؛ B. Agheli


An Explicit Numerical Technique for Nonlinear Nonlocal Time-Delay Dynamical Systems via Quadratic Spline Approach

صفحه 129-138
H. Panj-mini؛ B. Parsa Moghaddam؛ E. Hashemizadeh

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