On the Modified Block-Pulse Function for Volterra Integral Equation of The First ‎Kind‎

صفحه 377-386
M. Mohammadi؛ A. R. Vahidi؛ T. Damercheli؛ S. Khezerloo؛ M. Nouri


Validation of a Polytropic-Based Blow by Model and Predicting Crevice Flow Cyclic Variations in a CNG SI ‎Engine‎

صفحه 387-400
E. Abdi Aghdam


Benchmarking Automotive After-sales Service Companies with Dependent Criteria-Application of Data Envelopment ‎Analysis

صفحه 401-413
S. kheyri؛ F. Hosseinzadeh Lotfi؛ S. E. Najafi؛ B. Rahmani Parchikolaei


A Novel Shifted Jacobi Operational Matrix for Solution of Nonlinear Fractional Variable-Order Differential Equation with Proportional ‎Delays‎

صفحه 415-432
H. R. Khodabandelo؛ E. Shivanian؛ S. Abbasbandy


Order Reduction, $\mu$-Symmetry and $\mu$-Conservation Law of The Generalized mKdV Equation with Constant-coefficients and Variable-‎coefficients‎

صفحه 433-444
kh. - Goodarzi


Developing a Two-Stage Network Data Envelopment Analysis Model with Desirable and Undesirable Outputs (Case Study of Butter Manufacturing Industry)

صفحه 445-456
A. Shirvani؛ A. Azizi


Efficiency Frontier Ideal Distance Evaluation in Presence of Integer-Values in DEA by Directional Distance Function Approach

صفحه 457-465
P. Farhadi؛ M. Rostamy Malkhalifeh؛ R. Kazemimatin


The Effect of Meta-Malmquist Index on Portfolio Optimization

صفحه 467-477
Z. Taeb؛ SH. Banihashemi


Data ‎E‎nvelopment Analysis and Malmquist Index for Measuring Productivity of Inefficient ‎DMUs

صفحه 479-487
M. Shahkooeei‎؛ Farzad Rezai Balf؛ M. Rabbani؛ M. Fallah ‎Jelodar‎


A Systematic Review of the Combinatorial Methods of Service Composition in the Cloud Computing ‎Environment

صفحه 489-502
M. B. Karimi


Using a Hybrid NSGA-II to ‎S‎olve the ‎R‎edundancy ‎A‎llocation ‎M‎model of Series-Parallel Systems

صفحه 503-513
Mohammadreza Shahriari

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