The effect of mixed electric field on characteristic of ozone generation in a DBD plasma source

صفحه 195-202
Pourya Seyfi؛ Mehrdad Rezaei Golghand؛ Saeed Ghasemi؛ Hamid Ghomi


About dark matter as an emerging entity from elementary energy density fluctuations of a three-dimensional quantum vacuum

صفحه 203-222
Davide Fiscaletti


Anti-corrosion properties of stainless steel 304L coated with Mn-based thin film and annealed with nitrogen flux exposed to saline solution under various temperatures

صفحه 223-236
Farzaneh Modiri؛ Hadi Savaloni


Silver nanoparticles dispersed in nematic liquid crystal: an impact on dielectric and electro-optical parameters

صفحه 237-243
Rohit Katiyar؛ Kaushlendra Agrahari؛ Govind Pathak؛ Tripti Vimal؛ Geeta Yadav؛ Kamal Kumar Pandey؛ Abhishek Kumar Misra؛ Atul Srivastava؛ Rajiv Manohar


Mathematical modeling of tumor growth as a random process

صفحه 245-249
Fatemeh Beigmohammadi؛ Amir A. Masoudi؛ Mohammad Khorrami؛ Amir H. Fatollahi


Effect of thickness on characteristics of ZnSe thin film synthesized by vacuum thermal evaporation

صفحه 251-259
Md. Abu Sayeed؛ Hasan Khaled Rouf؛ Kazi Md. Amjad Hussain


Inverse bremsstrahlung absorption in laser-fusion plasma

صفحه 261-264
N. Firouzi Farrashbandi؛ M. Eslami-Kalantari


A systematic study on chemically deposited cadmium sulfide (CdS) thin film

صفحه 265-274
Saiful Islam؛ Tasnia Hossain؛ Hasan Sarwar؛ Mohammad Junaebur Rashid


Investigating the effect of geometrical asymmetry on conductance and TMR ratio in the ZnO rock salt-based MTJ: a DFT study

صفحه 275-283
Masoud Ansarino


Microstrain and lattice disorder in nanocrystalline titanium dioxide prepared by chemical route and its relation with phase transformation

صفحه 285-293
Apurba Kanti Deb؛ Partha Chatterjee


Temperature dependence of EXAFS spectra of BCC crystals analyzed based on classical anharmonic correlated Einstein model

صفحه 295-305
Tong Sy Tien

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