Growth of europium-doped gallium oxide (Ga2O3:Eu) thin films deposited by homemade DC magnetron sputtering

Putut Marwoto؛ Sugianto Sugianto؛ Edy Wibowo


Analytical study of radionuclide concentration and radon exhalation rate in market available building materials of Ramsar

Elham Bavarnegin؛ Masoud Vahabi-moghaddam؛ Asad Babakhani؛ Nasrin Fathabadi


Synthesis and characterization of gold nanoparticles via submerged arc discharge based on a seed-mediated approach

Ali Akbar Ashkarran


Electrical characterization of nanocrystalline zinc selenide thin films

Jeewan Sharma؛ Deep Shikha؛ Surya Kant Tripathi


Quantum wire with parallelogram cross section: optical properties

Reza Khordad


Fast and thermal neutron radiographies based on a compact neutron generator

Jacob G Fantidis؛ Bandekas V Dimitrios؛ Potolias Constantinos؛ Vordos Nick


Density functional investigation of structures and energetics of pure and Sn-doped small lithium clusters

Masoud Ansarino؛ Shahab Zorriasatein


New approach to nuclear binding energy in integrated nuclear model

Nader Ghahramany؛ Shirvan Gharaati؛ Mohammad Ghanaatian


*Investigation on the formation of titanium nitride thin films on 304 type stainless steel using plasma focus device

Narges Fani؛ Hadi Savaloni


Nanoscale effects on multichannel add/drop filter based on 2-D photonic crystal ring-resonator heterostructure

Hamed Pezeshki؛ Vahid Ahmadi


Investigation of nitrogen plasma effect on the nonlinear optical properties of PMMA

Davoud Dorranian؛ Yasaman Golian؛ Alireza Hojabri


Effect of different sizes of balls on crystalline size, strain, and atomic diffusion on Cu-Fe nanocrystals produced by mechanical alloying

Mohammad Reza Vaezi؛ Seyed Hesam Mir Shah Ghassemi؛ Ali Shokuhfar


Characterization of argon/air atmospheric pressure capacitively coupled radio frequency dielectric barrier discharge regarding parasitic capacitor at 13.56 MHz

Farshad Sohbatzadeh؛ Saeed Mirzanejhad؛ Hoda Mahdavi؛ Zahra Omidi


A new form of Grad-Shafranov equation for a tokomak with an elongated cross section

Alireza Seife Khajeh Marjan؛ Samad Sobhanian


Diagnostic of plasma discharge parameters in helium filled dielectric barrier discharge

Pooja Gulati؛ Udit Narayan Pal؛ Mahesh Kumar؛ Ram Prakash؛ Vishnu Srivastava؛ Vimal Vyas


Development of low-pressure high-current plasma cathode electron gun and use of associated techniques

Udit Narayan Pal؛ Niraj Kumar؛ Deepak Kumar Verma؛ Jitendra Prajapati؛ Mahesh Kumar؛ Vishnu Srivastava؛ Harish Kumar Dwivedi؛ Ram Prakash


Thermoelectric power of metallic Rb3C60: phonon-drag and carrier diffusion contributions

Dinesh Varshney؛ Namita Singh


Radio-frequency Ar plasma treatment on muga silk fiber: correlation between physicochemical and surface morphology

Dolly Gogoi؛ Joyanti Chutia؛ Arup Jyoti Choudhury؛ Arup Ratan Pal؛ Dinkar Patil


Analysis of discharge parameters and optimization study of coaxial DBDs for efficient excimer light sources

Udit Narayan Pal؛ Pooja Gulati؛ Niraj Kumar؛ Mahesh Kumar؛ Vishnu Srivastava؛ Ram Prakash


Atomic transport and surface properties of some simple liquid metal using one component plasma system

Yogeshkumar A Sonvane؛ Pankajsinh B Thakor؛ Ashwin R Jani


Surface wave excitations on magnetized over-dense plasma

Sedigheh Miraboutalebi؛ L Rajaee؛ L Farhang Matin


Gradient effects on dust lattice waves in paramagnetic dusty plasma crystals

Mehran Shahmansouri


Conformal graviton two-point function in de Sitter space

Mosen Dehghani


Phonon-induced superconductivity and physical properties in intercalated fullerides Rb3C60

Dinesh Varshney؛ Rajendra Jain؛ Namita Singh


Theoretical analysis and intensity calculation for the f → d absorption spectrum of Ce3+ in YAl3(BO3)4 crystal

Imen Kebaïli؛ Mohamed Dammak


Application of variational Monte Carlo method to the confined helium atom

Salah B Doma؛ Fatma N El-Gammal


Spin–lattice coupling in iron-pnictide superconductors: a model for possible continuous phase transition

Chinedu E Ekuma؛ Ephriam O Chukwuocha؛ Michael C Onyeaju


Semi-analytic algorithms for the electrohydrodynamic flow equation

Ram K Pandey؛ Vipul K Baranwal؛ Chandra S Singh؛ Om P Singh


Computer simulation of quantum dot formation during heteroepitaxial growth of thin films

Mehran Gholipour Shahraki؛ Esmat Esmaili


Williamson-Hall analysis in estimation of lattice strain in nanometer-sized ZnO particles

VD Mote؛ Y Purushotham؛ BN Dole


Oblique propagating whistler mode wave with parallel AC electric field at magnetosphere of Uranus

Rama Shankar Pandey؛ Shailendra Kumar؛ Mukesh Kumar


Investigation on the dependence of optical spectra of silver chiral nanostructures on shape, dimensions and incident light by discrete dipole approximation

Fatemeh Abdi؛ Araz Siabi-Garjan؛ Hadi Savaloni


An analytic algorithm of Lane-Emden-type equations arising in astrophysics - a hybrid approach

Vipul K Baranwal؛ Ram K Pandey؛ Manoj P Tripathi؛ Om P Singh


Kaluza-Klein interacting cosmic fluid cosmological model

Kishor S Adhav؛ Meena V Dawande؛ Soniya M Borikar


Linear energy-momentum tensor for a scalar field in de Sitter space

Mohammad Reza Tanhayi؛ Sepideh Mirabi


Wigner distribution function of superposed quantum states for a time-dependent oscillator-like Hamiltonian system

Jeong Ryeol Choi؛ Ji Nny Song؛ Seong Ju Hong


Micro-Raman studies on thermally evaporated Ag2Se thin films

Mariappan Pandiaraman؛ Natarajan Soundararajan


The generalized second law of thermodynamics in f(R) gravity for various choices of scale factor

Rahul Ghosh؛ Surajit Chattopadhyay


Modification of surface properties of bell metal by radiofrequency plasma polymerization

Joyanti Chutia؛ Arup Jyoti Choudhury؛ Arup Ratan Pal؛ Dolly Gogoi


Experimental results of thep+d⇌3He+γ reactions up to 450 MeV

Ali Akbar Mehmandoost-Khajeh-Dad


Influence of periodically propagating impurity and accompanying time variation of impurity spread on excitation profile of doped quantum dots

Suvajit Pal؛ Manas Ghosh


On the discrete dipole approximation investigation of the extinction spectra of Ag/glass nano-flower thin film with threefold symmetry

Fatemeh Abdi؛ Araz Siabi-Gerjan؛ Hadi Savaloni


Torsion of space-time in f (R) gravity

Majid Mohsenzadeh؛ Ebrahim Yusofi


Comparison of the triboluminescent properties for europium tetrakis and ZnS:Mn powders

Ross S Fontenot؛ William A Hollerman؛ Kamala N Bhat؛ Mohan D Aggarwal


Optical characterization of Cu3N thin film with Swanepoel method

Davoud Dorranian؛ Laya Dejam؛ Gelareh Mosayebian


Temperature dependence dielectric behavior of Ge-doped lead scandium tantalate single crystals

Chandra Kumar Dixit؛ Anil Kumar Srivastava

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