First principles study on structural and magnetic properties of small and pure carbon clusters (Cn, n = 2 - 12)

Mahdi Afshar؛ Mahboobeh Babaei؛ Amir Hossein Kordbacheh


Symmetries and exact solutions of KP equation with an arbitrary nonlinear term

صفحه 93-102
S. A. Elwakil؛ A. M. El-Hanbaly؛ E. K. El-Shewy؛ I. S. El-Kamash


The effect of varying temperature and O2 flow rate in ex situ annealed tin-doped indium for fabrication of commercial grade indium tin oxide

صفحه 109-115
M. R. Kiyani؛ Y. S. Jalili


Effect of dye concentration on the optical properties of red-BS dye-doped PVA film

صفحه 117-121
Zahra Hossein Esfahani؛ Mahshad Ghanipour؛ Davoud Dorranian


Estimation of lattice strain in ZnO nanoparticles: X-ray peak profile analysis

صفحه 123-134
P. Bindu؛ Sabu Thomas


Thermodynamics for trajectories of a mass point

صفحه 135-146
Yoshimasa Kurihara؛ Khiem Hong Phan؛ Nhi My Uyen Quach


Estimation of photo-degradation of dielectrics surrounding the narrow channel due to PD activity

صفحه 147-168
Alireza A. Ganjovi


Study of sintering temperature on the structure of silicon carbide membrane

صفحه 169-173
A. Sadighzadeh؛ Sh. Mashayekhan؛ B. Nedaie؛ A. H. Ghorashi


Deposition of magnesium nitride thin films on stainless steel-304 substrates by using a plasma focus device

صفحه 175-182
Amir Hoshang Ramezani؛ Maryam Habibi؛ Mahmood Ghoranneviss


Very compact photonic crystal resonant cavity for all optical filtering

صفحه 183-188
Hamed Seif-Dargahi؛ Mahdi Zavvari؛ Hamed Alipour-Banaei


Transverse perturbation on three-dimensional ion acoustic waves in electron–positron–ion plasma with high-energy tail electron and positron distribution

صفحه 189-201
M. Shahmansouri؛ E. Astaraki


The static properties and form factors of the deuteron using the different forms of the Wood–Saxon potential

صفحه 203-210
B. Rezaei؛ A. Dashtimoghadam


Generalization of the analytical solution of neutron point kinetics equations with time-dependent external source

صفحه 211-218
M. Seidi؛ S. Behnia؛ R. Khodabakhsh


Accelerating Bianchi type-VI0 bulk viscous cosmological models in Lyra geometry

صفحه 219-224
A. Asgar؛ M. Ansari


Quantum quenches and thermalization on scale-free graphs

صفحه 225-230
Francesco Caravelli

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