Exactly solvable reaction diffusion models on a Bethe Lattice through the empty-interval method

صفحه 93-98
Laleh Farhang Matin


Design and construction of a tunable pulsed Ti:sapphire laser

صفحه 99-103
Omid Panahi؛ Majid Nazeri؛ Seyed Hassan Tavassoli


High-frequency instabilities in an explosion-generated relativistic plasma

صفحه 105-110
O. P. Malik؛ Sukhmander Singh؛ Hitendra K. Malik؛ A. Kumar


Dispersion relation and growth rate in thermal plasma-loaded traveling wave tube with corrugated waveguide hollow electron beam

صفحه 111-118
Samina Dehghanizadeh؛ Shahrooz Saviz


Influence of Nd3+ ions on TL characteristics of Li2O-MO-B2O3 (MO = ZnO, CaO, CdO) glass system

صفحه 119-125
J. Anjaiah؛ C. Laxmikanth؛ Cephas John Lyobha؛ N. Veeraiah؛ P. Kistaiah


Evolution of shapes in even–even nuclei using the standard interacting boson model

صفحه 127-133
Ali M. Khalaf؛ Mahmoud M. Taha


Glass surface modification using Nd:YAG laser in SF6 atmospheres

صفحه 135-140
H. R. Dehghanpour؛ P. Parvin


Effect of obliqueness and external magnetic field on the characteristics of dust acoustic solitary waves in dusty plasma with two-temperature nonthermal ions

صفحه 141-150
Akbar Sabetkar؛ Davoud Dorranian

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