Designing a Model of Factors Affecting in Tax Avoidance Using the Interpretive Structural Modeling(ISM)

صفحه 1-12
Amir Fallah Sogheh؛ Sina Kheradyar؛ Mohammad Reza Pourali؛ mahmoud Samadi Lorgani


Proposing a model for assessing Herding behavior in the Iranian capital market using meta-heuristic algorithms

صفحه 13-30
ali zareie؛ Roya - Darabi؛ ali najafimoghadam


Financial Restatements on Auditors’ Job Mental Pressure: A Test of Tournament Incentives Theory

صفحه 31-43
Farhan Bengoriz؛ Negar Khosravipoor؛ Nurooz Noroolahzadeh


Explaining the relationship between IQ and a variety of Earnings Management emphasizing Managers’ Narcissism

صفحه 45-57
Samaneh Shahedhossein؛ Mohammadhamed Khanmohammadi؛ Tahereh Mahmoudian Dastnaee


Phenomenology of the accounting situation in Afghanistan

صفحه 59-76
zahra Dianati Deilami؛ sayed Qanit Qanit


Classification of Contributing Factors to Financial Statements Transparency Using Met analysis and Delphi-Fuzzy

صفحه 77-88
zeinab aminifard؛ Mahmoud Mousavi Shiri؛ Mahdi Salehi


Does corporate governance affect the corporate performance persistence by Return on assets in listed companies of Malaysian stock?

صفحه 89-98
Mojgan Derayat؛ Bahman Banimahd؛ Normah Omar


The effect of political affiliation using company size factors and government ownership percentage methods on the relationship between information asymmetry and stock price fluctuations after initial public offerings

صفحه 99-115
razieh marvi؛ afsaneh tavangar hamzeh kolaie؛ Farzaneh Heidarpoor


Investigating the Effect of Intellectual Capital on Stickiness of Companies' Operation Expenses

صفحه 117-132
Alireza Pourbagherian؛ Mohammadreza Nikbakht


Providing a Micmac Analysis to Strengthen Sustainable Green Accounting Values of Capital Market Companies: Polar Matrix Analysis

صفحه 133-158
Fariborz Molaie Birgani؛ Allah Karam Salehi؛ Mehdi Basirat؛ Ahmad Kaabomeir


The Effect of Ethical Behavior and Social Identity on the Performance of the Auditors by Emphasizing on RoleC, Self - Efficacy and Professional Ethical Sensitivities

صفحه 159-174
Parviz Shayesteh Shojaei؛ zahra pourzamani


The Impact of Corporate Political Connection on Earnings Management Sensitivity: GMM Approach

صفحه 175-189
shahrzad seraj؛ Hashem Nikoomaram؛ Ahmad yaghobnezhad؛ Hamidreza Vakilifard


Presenting a Model for the Effect of Corporate Governance Measures on Audit Report Lag by a Structural Equation Approach

صفحه 191-204
mohammad reza ebrati؛ saeed Jabbarzadeh Kangarloui؛ jamal bahrisales؛ ali ashtab


Presenting a Comprehensive Model for Portfolio Risk Premium Assessment and Explaining Its Economic Consequences

صفحه 205-216
Hamid Reza Azizi؛ Asgar Pakmaram؛ Nader Rezaei؛ Rasoul Abdi


Provide a mathematical model for a specific order to the drug supplier in the supply chain

صفحه 217-225
batool askaryan؛ Mohammad Ebrahim Pourzarandi؛ jalal haghighat monfared


The Effectiveness of Acceptance and Commitment Group Financial Therapy on Financial Literacy, Personal Financial Management and Mental Accounting

صفحه 227-239
najmeh tavakoli Zaniyani؛ Masoud Taherinia؛ daruosh jalali dehkordi؛ Ebrahim givaki


Effects of Audit Fee Adjustment on Relationship between Auditor Time Pressure and Quality of Earnings

صفحه 241-249
Majid Bakhshi؛ Kaveh Azinfar؛ SeyedAli NabaviChashmi


Evaluating Long-term Performance of Commercial Banks from Sustainable Competitive Advantage Perspective, Focusing on Role of Management Efficiency: Comparison of Iranian Private and Public Banks

صفحه 251-264
hamid sadjadi؛ mohsen hamidian؛ ali esmaeilzadeh؛ Ghodatolah talebniya


Investigating Joint Effects of Brand Value and Advertising Expenditure on Corporate Financial Performance and Stock Returns

صفحه 265-273
Marzieh karimi؛ Mirfeiz fallah shams؛ HAMIDREZA KORDLOUIE؛ Hoseyn Vazifehdoust

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