Non-relativistic particle under the Influence of Aharonov-Bohm Flux Field Subject to Physical Potentials and the Nikiforov-Uvarov Method

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Faizuddin Ahmed؛ Kayser Ahmed؛ Akheruzzaman Ahmed؛ Ariful Islam؛ Bikash Pratim Barmab


Influence of magnetic field and ionization on gradient driven instability in an E ⃗×B ⃗ plasma

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- Munish؛ Rajat Dhawan؛ Dimple Sharma؛ Hitendra K. Malik


The dynamics of plasmoid instability in the presence of asymmetric parallel shear flow.

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Hossein Lotfi؛ Mahboub Hosseinpour


Transistors based on gallium nitride (GaN), growth techniques, and nanostructures

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Hamidreza Ravanbakhsh؛ Leila Shekari


The spatial damping of electrostatic wave in Hall thruster beam plasma

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Saty Prakash Bharti؛ Sukhmander Singh


Multi-lump solutions to the KPI equation with a zero degree of derivation

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Pierre Gaillard


Improved efficiency of a SiGe thin film solar cell structure using CNT charge collector layer

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Homa Hashemi Madani؛ Mohammad Reza Shayesteh؛ Mohammad Reza Moslemi


Modified Bohm’s criterion in a collisional electronegative plasma having two-temperature non-extensive electrons

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Rajat Dhawan؛ Mayand Malik؛ Hitendra K. Malik


Chemical and pharmaceutical waste disposal with thermal plasma pyrolysis-melting

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Shahrooz Saviz؛ Davoud Dorranian؛ Amir Hossein Sari


The influence of Hively and Bosch-Hale reactivities on hot ion mode in deuterium/helium-3 fuel

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Armin Taghipour؛ S. Mohammad Motevalli؛ Fereshteh Fadaei


Bound state solutions and thermal properties of the N-dimensional Schrödinger equation with Varshni plus Woods-Saxon potential via Nikiforov-Uvarov method

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Ridha Horchani؛ Safa Al-Shafii؛ Noora Al-Hashimi؛ Akpan Ndem Ikot؛ Ituen B. Okon؛ Uduakobong Okorie؛ Carlos A. Duque؛ Enoch O. Oladimeji


On the correspondence principle for the Klein-Gordon and Dirac Equations

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Kevin Giovanni Hernandez؛ Sergio Ernesto Aguilar Gutierrez؛ Jorge Bernal


Properties of nanoscale copper oxide thin film deposited by plasma focus device

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Hasan Anousha

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