Effects of ‎N‎onstationary and Uncertain Demand on an Inventory System Under Belief Structure Condition

صفحه 79-94
O. Tehranian؛ A. Mirzazadeh؛ B. Naderi


$n$-tuple ‎F‎ixed Point Theorems Via $\alpha$-series in $C^*$-algebra-valued Metric Spaces with an Application in Integral Equations

صفحه 95-105
S. Hadi Bonab؛ V. Parvaneh؛ H. Hosseinzadeh؛ H. Aydi؛ S. J. Hosseini Ghoncheh


Determining ‎N‎ormalized Crisp Weights From Fuzzy Comparison Matrices Using an Improved Two-Stage Logarithmic Goal Programming Model

صفحه 107-125
A. Mohamadghasemi؛ A. Hadi-Vencheh


Fuzzy Approach to Solve a Global Mixed Integer Multi-Objective FractionalL Signomial Geometric Programming ‎Problem‎

صفحه 127-136
Zh. Shirinnejad؛ M. Saraj؛ S. Shokrolahi؛ F. Kiany


Prime Filters and Zariski Topology on Equality Algebras‎

صفحه 137-150
S. Niazian


A Modification on The Exponential Cubic B-spline for Numerical Simulation of Hyperbolic Telegraph Equations

صفحه 151-163
AR. Haghighi؛ F. Rahimiyan؛ N. Asghary؛ M. Roohi


Application of Variational Calculus to Integrability of Differential Equations with Physical Applications

صفحه 165-174
M. Pakdemirli


An Inverse Two-Stage FDH Model in the Presence of Shared Resources

صفحه 175-188
F. Asadi؛ S. Kordrostami؛ AR. Amirteimoori؛ M. Bazrafshan


An ‎A‎lgorithm for Weak Defining Hyperplanes of the PPS in Data Envelopment ‎Analysis

صفحه 189-197
A. A. Bani؛ M. Rostamy-Malkhalifeh؛ F. Hosseinzade Lotfi

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