Theoretical investigation of structural, electronical, and optical properties of [18] DBA annulene and its derivatives

Mohammad Hossein Fekri؛ Niko Karimpoor؛ Motaleb Ghasemian؛ Samaneh Soleymani؛ Maryam Razavi Mehr


Holographic entanglement entropy in the fourth-order scale-invariant gravity

Tahereh Hamedi؛ M. Reza Tanhayi


THz generation by a periodic array of a photoconductive antenna of GaAs material in the presence of a magnetic field

Sandeep Sandeep؛ Hitendra K. Malik


Optical and morphological characterization of nanostructured AgO thin films

Adeleh Granmayehrad؛ Hamed Abbasi


Electron spin orientation dependence on momentum in pseudo gap phase of Bi2212

Udai Prakash Tyagi؛ Partha Goswami


Optimizing electron trajectories in combined helical wiggler and solenoidal magnetic fields for effective particle acceleration

Hitendra K. Malik


A new method for the Ω_ccb baryon spectroscopy in the nonrelativistic quark model: ansatz approach

Nasrin Salehi


Impact of p-type semiconductor substrate on the transient response of metal-semiconductor-metal photodetector

Ali Barkhordari؛ Hamid Reza Mashayekhi؛ Şemsettin Altındal؛ Süleyman Özçelik؛ Yashar Azizian-Kalandaragh


Laser ablation produced graphene/MOF-5 nanocomposite: antibacterial properties

Negar Motakef-Kazemi؛ Fereydoon Ataei؛ Davoud Dorranian


Applicability of diffraction elastic constants to rationalize anisotropic broadening of X-ray diffraction line profiles from deformed metals

Debtanu Ghosh؛ Sujay Munshi؛ Apurba Kanti Deb؛ Partha Chatterjee


Effect of the vacancy on the electrical transport properties of boron nitride nanosheets

Neda Dehghan؛ Mohammad Reza Niazian؛ Mojtaba Yaghobi؛ Mohammad Ali Ramzanpour


Three-Body force effects on breakup and formation of 6Li nuclei

Hossein Sadeghi؛ Shahla Nahidinezhad


Numerical investigation of the fullerene and doped fullerene effects on thermal performance of water base-fluid

Ahmad Saadi؛ Hamid Reza Vanaie؛ Mojtaba Yaghobi؛ Ebrahim Heidari؛ Darush Masti


Temperature effects role on the plasma antenna radiation pattern

Neda Khoddam؛ Mehran Shahmansouri


Ion acoustic cnoidal waves in electron-positron-ion plasmas with q-nonextensive electrons and positrons and high relativistic ions

Forough Farhadkiyaei

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