Modeling of discharge processes in a new type of pulse-plasma ignition systems with a controlled spark gap

Farit Gizatullin؛ Renat Salikhov؛ Andrey Lobanov


Rational solutions to the KdV equation from Riemann theta functions

Pierre Gaillard


Electrical and optical parameter-based numerical simulation of high-performance CdTe, CIGS, and CZTS solar cells

Galib Hashmi؛ Md. Shawkot Hossain؛ Masudul Haider Imtiaz


Dielectric, electro-optical and spectroscopic properties of silver doped zinc oxide-ferroelectric liquid crystal composite system

Kaushlendra Agrahari؛ Sanjeev Kumar Trivedi؛ Ram Raseele Awasthi؛ Vivek Kumar Nautiyal؛ Rakesh Kumar Sonker؛ Rajiv Manohar


Effect of long-rang interactions on the Kosterlitz-Thouless transition

Yazid Benbouzid؛ Slimane Chala؛ Mostefa Maache


On optical field driven quantum spin Hall phase in Bi_2Se_3 thin film with magnetic Impurities

Udai Prakash Tyagi؛ Partha Goswami


Bohm sheath criterion for electronegative warm plasma carrying seconadary electron emission in an oblique magnetic field

Yetendra Prasad Jha؛ Mayank Kumar؛ Hitendra K. Malik


Particle acceleration by three-dimensional asymmetric current sheet

Zahra Akbari؛ Mahboub Hosseinpour؛ Mohammad ali Mohammadi


Theoretical modelling of Terahertz acoustic wave generated by a femtosecond laser pulse in a dense plasma having density gradient

Dr. Sandeep؛ Hitendra K. Malik


Time dependency of the spin-orbit interaction and magnetic field in the long-range Ising model

Mohammad Reza Soltani؛ Maryam Mahmoudi؛ Abolfazl Hosseini

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