Casualization of Employment and Work Behavior of Employees: A Study of Some Selected Industries in Ilorin

صفحه 1-14
Ridwan Olabisi Yusuff


Sociological Analysis of Socio-Economic Factors Affecting the Collapse of Shareholders' Social Capital in the Tehran Stock Market

صفحه 15-29
Marzieh Bagheri؛ Mostafa Azkia؛ Meysam Mousaei


Factors Affecting Immoral Behaviors in Social Networks based on Planned Behavior Model

صفحه 31-43
Yousef Fasihi؛ Garineh Keshishyan Siraki


Designing the Strategic Framework of Transformation (Interactive Digital and Transformative Model in Virtual Space) in the Islamic Republic of Iran's Radio and Television using Quantitative and Qualitative Methods

صفحه 45-60
Rogaye Ali Mohammad؛ Mastooreh Ezzatzadeh؛ Seyed Abdullah Sajjadi Jaghargh؛ Afsaneh Mozafari


Economic and Social Consequences of Changing the Cultivation Pattern in Golestan Province from Land Reforms until Now

صفحه 61-71
Abdulmotalleb Mamashli؛ Mohammad Reza Naeimi؛ Rahmatollah Amirahmadi


Investigating the Impact of Network Social Capital (NSC) on Youth Social Harms (Case of Study: Youth of Tehran Khazane Neighborhood)

صفحه 73-86
Mostafa Naziri؛ Tahereh Mirsardoo؛ Mohammad Mehdi Labibi


Relative Deprivation and Capacity building for Social Crisis: A Case Study of the Events of 2016 and it’s Requirements for Law Enforcement Agencies

صفحه 87-100
Seyyed Iman Qorbani؛ Tahmoures Shiri


The Expansion of Iran’s International Business Relations in 19th Century and the Formation of Intermediary Marketers in Qajar Dynasty

صفحه 101-112
Seyed Ali Asghar Hosseini Nozari؛ Reza Fazel؛ Hossein Kordi


Identifying Individual Barriers and Development Pattern of Rural Household Jobs with Emphasis on Eastern Regions of Golestan Province

صفحه 113-119
Marzieh Bazrafshan؛ Isa Hassanzadeh؛ Alireza Esmaeeli


The Study of the Relationship between Social Status and Work Conscience of Tehran Neighborhood Assistant Councilors

صفحه 121-132
Mojtaba Arezi؛ Seyed Naser Hejazi؛ Ali Hashemianfar

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب