Modeling The Consequences and Context Of Corruption From The Perspective Of Auditing Utilizing Grounded Theory

صفحه 1-14
ali nikouei؛ ali mohammadi؛ ali bayat


Peer behaviors in bank lending decisions using panel-data and convolutional neural network method

صفحه 15-28
sepideh KAZEMI؛ Maryam Khalili Araghi؛ Hashem nikoumaram


Professional and Non-professional Investors’ Opinion on Critical Audit Matters in the Auditor's Report

صفحه 29-42
esmail shoja؛ Seyed Yousef Ahadi Serkani؛ Seyedeh Atefeh Hoseini


Optimization Multi-Objective Cost and Delay Rate in Delivering Orders in the Three- Echelon Reverse Supply Chain Based On Cost Management

صفحه 43-58
Morteza Ghahremani؛ Reza Ehtesham Rasi؛ Sadegh Abedi


Social trust and accounting conservatism with emphasis on the role of internal control

صفحه 59-68
mohammad mahmoodi


Modeling Multiportfolio Selection Considering the Market Impact in Iran Stock Market

صفحه 69-88
Shadi Khalil Moghadam؛ Farimah Mokhatab Rafiei؛ Mohammad Ali Rastegar


A Preference Degree for Ranking Intuitionistic Fuzzy Numbers

صفحه 89-100
Gholamreza Hesamian


The Relationship between Cash Flows of Operating, Investments, and Financing Activities with the firm value

صفحه 101-112
Zahra Nikbakht


A Model for the Effect of Emotional Intelligence Components on Auditor's Ethical Judgment by ‎Considering the Personality Trait of Extraversion

صفحه 113-128
mohammad Shafaei Qarekushan؛ Faeq Ahmadi؛ HAMIDREZA KORDLOUIE؛ Mohammadhamed Khanmohammadi؛ Tahereh Mahmoodiyandastnaee


Environmental Uncertainty and R&D Investment: Moderator role Of Product Market Competition

صفحه 129-138
Mehdi Maranjory


Analysis of life cycle stages and implementation of product life cycle costing in Hormozgan Gas Company

صفحه 139-150
Esmaeil Akhlaghi Yazdinejad؛ Bahman Bazgir؛ Ali Akbar Gholampour Heydari؛ Mojtaba Safipour Afshar؛ Hoseein Nourani


Explanation of the Role of Investors’ Emotional Inclination and the Disclosure Quality on the Investment Behavior of Firms Listed on Tehran Stock Exchange

صفحه 151-162
hamid moridipour؛ Mahmood Hematfar؛ mohamad hasan janani


Evaluate the consequences of profit distortion on stock returns using models based on accounting variables

صفحه 163-174
hossein amirmoezzi؛ abasali poraghajan؛ ali jafari


Implementing a Financial Reporting Model under the Web-Based Financial Reporting

صفحه 175-190
Sara makvandi؛ Bahareh Banitalebi Dehkordi؛ Hamid Reza Jafari

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