Urban Public Spaces and Women’s Safety: A Participatory Approach of Saqqez Streets, Iran

صفحه 5-14
Barat Ali Khakpoor؛ Akbar Heydari؛ Shirin Sabaghi


Participatory Design; A New Approach to Regenerate the Public Space

صفحه 15-22
Shahab Mirzaean Mahabadi؛ Hossein Zabihi؛ Hamid Majedi


Socio-Cultural Meaning of Kitchen in Religious Context of Iran (Case Study: City of Qom)

صفحه 23-32
Masoud Nari Ghomi


Evaluating the Satisfaction Rate of Low-Income Communities about Low-Cost Housing (Case Study: Abadeh Mehr Housing in Iran)

صفحه 33-38
Seyed Kamal Aldin Shahriari؛ Ali Karimzadeh؛ Shahrzad Shahriari


Local Parking Positioning by Using the Linear Assignment Method (Case Study: Qazvin, Iran)

صفحه 39-44
Arash Emami Saleh؛ Amir Yavari؛ Yasaman Anbari؛ Hananeh Derakhshani


Investigating of Residents Empowering in Physical and Environmental Improvements in Informal Settlements (Case Study: Nodeh Community, Mashhad, Iran)

صفحه 45-52
Behzad Alipoor؛ Hadi Sarvari


Assessing the Act of Iran's Supreme Council of Urbanization and Architecture about Land Use per Capita

صفحه 53-66
Azam Afsharnia


Architecture of Tourism and its Effect on Attract Tourism in Iran

صفحه 67-72
Ramin Farshidfar؛ Iman Pourkhiz

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب