Derivation of ionization energy and electron affinity equations using chemical hardness and absolute electronegativity in isoelectronic series

صفحه 155-163
S. Kaya؛ C. Kaya


Synthesis and Solution Complexation Studies of a new Schiff base Ligand

صفحه 165-175
Mahmood Payehghadr؛ Farzaneh Nourifard؛ Mehdi Kalhor؛ Chiman Shahoei


Modifications of Internal Molecular Structures of Asphalt Components Due to Physical Aging

صفحه 177-185
Iffat R. Arisa


Theoretical study of the effects of substituent and quadrupole moment on π-π stacking interactions with coronene

صفحه 187-196
Pouya Karimi


Kinetics and mechanism of the reaction of lysine with permanganate ion at different ionic strengths and temperatures

صفحه 197-205
Farrokh Gharib؛ Dariush Ehsanipour؛ Kasra Karroubi


Energetical and structural investigation for equatorial/axial conversion of different substituents on piperidine and phosphorinane: A theoretical study

صفحه 207-214
Fereshteh Naderi؛ M. Hassan Khodabandeh؛ Sedigheh Rezaeianpour


Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Sliding Mode Based Genetic Algorithm Control System to Control of a pH Neutralization Process

صفحه 215-225
Jalal Javadi Moghaddam؛ Mostafa Mirzaei؛ Masood Madani؛ Mohammadreza Norouzi؛ Atena Khodarahmi


Electrochemical and Quantum Chemical Study of Vanillin as a Green Corrosion Inhibitor for AA6061 in NaCl Solution

صفحه 227-238
M. Shahidi؛ R. Mansouri؛ M.J. Bahrami؛ S.M.A. Hosseini

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